Holli Mengel

Holli Mengel
Broker | REALTORĀ®
From the Office of: Asheville
Carolina Mountain Sales
10 Brook Street
Asheville, NC  28803
Direct: 414-305-2376
An animal lover, photographer and adventurer, Holli is thoroughly enjoying the rural countryside of
North Carolina.  Having grown up on a farm in Wisconsin, she was surrounded by the traditional dogs 
and cats, as well as 1500 chickens, pigs, a pet goat, geese, ducks and horses.

Shortly after graduating college, she discovered her passion for skydiving.  Holli quickly became a 
classroom instructor teaching safety protocols and general skydiving procedures, followed by in-air 
training with her students.  Over the course of 15 years, she served several terms on the Board of 
Directors at the diving school, in addition to logging over 3,500 jumps - with students or friends, for 
competitions and special events.  However, one of her proudest accomplishments was starting and 
coordinating an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the local community, which continues to this day.
Her photography skills were noticed by the Anthony Robbins Foundation and she was offered the 
unique opportunity to travel the world for 6 years as their event photographer.   The Foundation 
specializes in empowering those people often forgotten - youth, prisoners, the homeless and hungry, 
and the elderly.  Holli often put down her camera to help with whatever was needed.   She became 
known for her willingness to go above and beyond, and was often sought out in emergencies for her 
calm demeanor, wisdom and resourcefulness.
Holli continues to volunteer her time for Anthony Robbins, who specializes in helping people to 
transform their lives for the better.  He is well known for having participants walk on hot coals – also 
known as a Fire Walk – as a symbol of being bold and unstoppable.  Through this process, Holli has 
walked on coals well over 100 times.
Holli has a special talent for assessing people’s needs and priorities, as well as a unique talent for 
remaining positive in stressful situations.   Having grown up as a farm girl in the country and also having 
traveled the world for years, has given her an outstanding ability to manage, communicate and 
negotiate with various types of people.    She looks forward to using these to help you find exactly what 
you are looking for – whether it be as a buyer or seller.
When you think of real estate – remember who Holli is:  
a Helpful  
with Integrity.